A what stick? A Swizzle Stick!

A what stick?? A SWIZZLE STICK! The Swizzle Stick's origins have been traced back to sugar plantations of the West Indies as far back as the 1600's. They were in the form of small branches used to stir rum elixirs called "Switchel". Queen Victoria avoided embarrassing belching by using Swizzle Sticks to burst the champagne bubbles in her glass. In the 1920's, flappers used the stir rods in their flashy cocktails. It was in February of 1934, just after prohibition ended, that Mr. Sindler sat in the Boston Ritz Carlton bar contemplating how he would remove the olive from his martini without dipping his fingers into his gin.( And cue the lightbulb!) He would patten the idea one year later. Swizzle Sticks became a popular way to advertise for hotels, bars and even airlines. The then plastic stirrers became more collectable than matches with printed names on them. Later, glass manufactures got in on the advertising action. Swizzle Sticks were everywhere. Every home entertainer proudly showcased their collection along side their shot glasses and shakers. We here at The Swizzle Stick Shop are proud to say that we continue the tradition by offering quality glass Swizzle Sticks of whimsical designs. They make wonderfully unique gifts for any occasion. Come and browse our selection and feel free to contact us! We love to hear from our friends!

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